Ted & Christina Unkel Award of Excellence


Ted & Christina Unkel Award of Excellence

  • OBJECTIVE:  In order to honor and perpetuate the names of Florida Soccer Referees who have distinguished themselves while at a Regional competition level and were selected to officiate at a National competition level, the Ted & Christina Unkel Award of Excellence is hereby established
  • DATE ESTABLISHED: AUGUST 1, 2021 by FLSRC, with Ted & Christina Unkel
  • CRITERIA:  Those officials selected to officiate in National tournaments to include:
  1. USYS (US Youth Soccer) National Championship Series Finals
  2. USYS (US Youth Soccer) National President’s Cup Finals
  3. USASA (US Adult Soccer Association) National Cup Finals
  4. Other approved National Tournament Finals
  1. Ted Unkel
  2. Christina Unkel
  3. State Referee Administrator
  4. State Youth Referee Administrator
  5. Head of Delegations, Chair
  • MEETINGS: The Committee Chair will obtain the names of any and all who have become eligible on or before August 1st of each year.
  • PRESENTATION:  The award shall be presented at an appropriate ceremony as selected by the Committee.  Recipients will be invited at the expense of the FLSRC.


2021:  David Blikstad, Edson Carvajal, Ivan Cid, Kyle Cividanes, Jonathan Cruz, Albert Escovar, Joseph Geck, Corbin Goodyear, Reid Hammil, Preston Joyner, Meagan Mc Dougall, Carlos Morales-Lastra, John Ocampo, Arnel Selman