In affiliation with the United States Soccer Federation, we offer the Regional Referee upgrade course that can educate and guide an individual USSF member through the upward movement to higher levels of our game.  Referee upgrade requirements can be found in the Library Documents in the certification requirements document according to referee grade.

There are 6 separate components for upgrade. Minimum time in grade must be ONE (1) calendar year, Teaching modules-Online or Classroom, LOTG Test, Fitness Test, Game assessments, and Game Log History (minimum number of career games). The Fitness test is a separate course and $25 registration fee. Game assessments are coordinated with the respective ARA, who also receives the game log, and verifies time in grade. The LOTG Test is included in the online teaching modules. The test is open book.


Grassroots to Regional Referee Upgrade

On or about November 15 & 16, 2019 the Regional Referee upgrade course classroom training will be scheduled somewhere in the middle of the state. The course will have both classroom & field training with a FIFA referee fitness testing.   2020 RECERTIFICATION MUST BE COMPLETE IN ORDER TO TAKE ANY COURSE FOR UPGRADE.