Transferring Current Registration Into Florida

Transferring into Florida is moving the current US Soccer registration from another State Association (sending state) to Florida (receiving state).  The following must first be completed in the US Soccer Learning Center:

Update your address in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center

  • Log in to the U.S. Soccer Learning Center ( )
  • Hover over your name in the upper right hand corner
  • Click [Profile]
  • Click [Update Contact Details]
  • Adjust your previous address to your new address
  • Check that a Relationship with Florida State Referee Committee has been added to your profile

With the Learning Center updated, contact the Florida SRA for further instructions.  US Soccer and FLSRC does not require a letter of good standing from the sending state to transfer into Florida.

Below is a brief video regarding the Florida Officials Management System (OMS) and the OMS transfer process using a generic example.  Written documentation using a generic example can also be found in the FLSRC Library documents section.