Become a Referee

Being a soccer referee can be both rewarding and fulfilling. Whether for a young person learning responsibility or an adult contributing to the sport, referee training and development is the primary mission of FL Soccer SRC Inc. (FLSRC). To this end, FLSRC has established a process to ensure that every person who wishes to become a referee is afforded the opportunity to become registered and certified as a soccer referee with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Grassroots Entry Level Course

The Grassroots entry level course offers basic instruction and prepares an individual to become a USSF Soccer Referee.  The Grassroots course has two (2) parts, online video modules and a mandatory Field Training Event (FTE).  The online video modules are on three (3) different websites due to licensing issues and proprietary  ownership.  Before you start we strongly recommend that you read the Frequently Asked Questions just in case you get stuck or lost or have viewing problems once you start the process that is below.

When you click at the bottom of this page to “Start the Process of Becoming a Grassroots Referee,” you are taken to the private and secure Officials Management System to become a new member.  Click the “New Member Registration” button.

The “Member or Attendee Information” screen appears.  Follow the instructions, then submit personal information.  You MUST specify your Legal (given) full first name, middle initial, and last name.

Next will be to follow steps 1, 2, 3:

Step 1: Answer the legal question, read the terms and conditions (or if you are under 18 have your parent or guardian read with you), then submit request

Step 2: Select a location for your In-Person Clinic (this is where you will go for the Field Training Event (FTE).  If you do not see a Location close to you, change the “Clinic Location” (upper left) to “All” to see other locations already scheduled.  Locations are added as needed (sample locations below on 8-10-2019).  CLICK Reserve Clinic.
Next to appear will be the Grassroots PreRequisite Online Course window showing the In-Person Clinic previously selected.  Click “Continue to the Next Step.”

Step 3:. Checkout to pay, click “Click here to Complete Requests and Pay Fees”. The correct current fee is $125.

Member/Clinic Registration Checkout will appear.  Notice the instructions in BLUE.  Online lessons are required to the completed 48 hours before attending any in-person portion of the clinic.  Notice the date in the example below for an in-person clinic previously chosen for Saturday August 17, 2019.  In the Billing Information window Payment type, a credit/debit card is the only accepted payment method.  Cannot pay with a check/money order online.  Payments are collected by PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account.  Please read the instructions in the Billing information window regarding what happens when the PayPal window below pops up.  The correct current fee is $125.

Two choices “Pay with PayPal” or Pay with Debit or Credit Card.  If you are not ready to pay then click “Cancel and return to FL Soccer SRC Inc

If you clicked cancel in the PaylPal window above, your screen will return to your Member Home Page as below.  Notice the items in green are still available for payment.  The “Return to State Association Home Page” will return to the FLSRC.ORG public website.  The correct fee amount is still $125.

After Payment, the “Clinics to Reserve or that you have Reserved” window on the Home Page will change and reveal the “Online Lessons” button to start the Grassroots PreRequisite Online course.  There are a large number of modules to complete for the online portion of the Grassroots course.


Modules #1 & #2
The first destination and first two (2) modules are completed in our OMS system, The information contained inside module #2 toward the end explicitly explains the next step and the instructions that must be followed.  Clicking out of module #2 and proceeding to module #3 is not acceptable.

The student must follow the instructions to go to the US Soccer Learning Center: (  In the Learning Center, create a registration with US Soccer.   You MUST specify your Legal (given) full first name, middle initial, and last namethe same used in the FLSRC/OMS system.  Once you create an account in the US Soccer Learning Center, make sure you write down the newly created username and password that you created.  Log out of the learning center and then log back in, in order to refresh all information on the screen.  Take and complete all the modules in the US Soccer Learning Center.  All the modules from start to completion are about 4 1/2 hours in one sitting.  It is not necessary to complete the 4 1/2 hours at one sitting.

Modules#3 – #5
After the US Soccer training modules completion, return to the FLSRC/OMS Member Home Page and Online Lesson and go to module #3 to complete the remaining FLSRC/OMS modules which includes the Grassroots test.  Module #3 is the SafeSports module that is required for all persons age 18 and older.  Module #4 has to do with health and safety, and module #5 is the test.  After completion of all the modules, it will then be time to attend the In-Person Field Training Event.

With other issues we strongly recommend that you read the Frequently Asked Questions just in case you get lost or stuck.  If that does happen you can always come back to this page and click the lost link below.

Ready to begin?

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