US Club Soccer Athlete & Participant Safety/Risk Management Policies NEW 09/12/2019

2019 Goal Kick Change With the Buildout Line NEW 08/16/2019

National Referee Requirements for 2021 NEW 07/22/2019

National Assistant Referee Requirements for 2021 NEW 07/26/2019

2019-2020 Assessor/Mentor/Coach Policy NEW 08-05-2019

Changes to the LOTG with Video Examples from IFAB NEW 07-28-2019

2019-20 Changes to the LOTG NEW 06-24-2019

Condensed FIFA Considerations from FUTURO video training NEW 06-14-2019

Referee License Requirements July 19, 2019 Update

Fitness Timeline Policy 2-12-2019 removed 8-6-2019-obsolete

Referee Coaching Techniques — Richard Heron 01-24-2019

2019 Assessment Policy 01-12-2019-removed 8-6-2019 obsolete

Referee Request Assessment  NEW 08/12/2019

Complaint Procedures  12-03-2018

Report Writing Guidelines 8-22-2018

US Soccer Referee Game Report 8-22-2018

US Soccer Referee Supplemental Game Report 8-22-2018

How to Register for a FTE (or any course) 8-14-2018

2018-2019 Certification Requirements 9-27-18 No longer available THIS IS CHANGED JULY 1, 2019

USSF Referee Code of Ethics 8-10-18

Prohibited Conduct Policy 6-15-18

Laws of the Game (LOTG) 2018-2019  6-01-18 removed 8-6-2019-obsolete

Report Codes for Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses 2018-2019 6-01-18

US Soccer Assignment Policy 1-01-18

FIFA Considerations 2017 (most recent)1-01-18

Referee Program Standards of Dress 1-01-18

How to print US Soccer Referee card and history 1-01-17

How to order a replacement/lost referee badge – comes from US Soccer-see FAQ on the weblink

Laws of the Game (LOTG) 2017-2018 06-01-17 removed 8-6-2019-obsolete

Small-Sided Youth Games 7 v 7 Build-out Line 1-01-17

Critical Match Incident Guidelines 3-15-15

Viewpost step by step instructions 06-02-16

Transfer process in OMS step by step 01-30-2019

FSR-FLSRC Historical Documents 11-15-2019

FLSRC Board of Directors Meeting Notes