FLSRC Calendar of Events

All events with FLSRC administration participation will be listed on the calendar of events.  Individual events by category are Fitness Test, Entry Course, Recertification, Field Training, Seminars, Multi-Events, & Invitational.

2021 New Grassroots Entry Course @ Online with Virtual Field Training at FLSRC.ORG
Jul 13 2020 – Mar 31 2021 all-day

Entry level online course with virtual field training to become a US Soccer Grassroots Referee for 2021 registration year.

2021 Grassroots Recertification @ Online at FLSRC.ORG
Jul 14 – Dec 31 all-day

Annual recertification for Grassroots referee for 2021 US Soccer Referee Grassroots Referee License.

Regional Referee Upgrade Course @ Online & On Field Experience
Oct 1 – Dec 15 all-day
Regional Referee Upgrade Course @ Online & On Field Experience

In affiliation with the US Soccer Federation Referee Program, on October 1st, we will open the Regional Referee upgrade course.  The online portion of the course will be open from October 1st to December 15th.  The On Field Experience of the course will be on November 7th for female referees during the 2nd Annual Women’s Referee Initiative, and late January 2021 for male referees (exact date TBD).  Registration and payment will be in the OMS system.  Male referees will select the January date and the prerequisite Online lessons will appear after payment.  Female referees will select the November date and request the invitation code from the FLSRC SDI.  Once the code is input, then female referee registration and payment can be completed.

The  Regional Referee upgrade requirements are posted in the Library Documents section on the certification requirements document according to referee grade.  The Regional Referee Profile is also posted in the Library Documents section.

There are 8 separate components for upgrade to Regional Referee:  Minimum time in grade must be three (3) consecutive years as a Grassroots Referee, complete the Regional Referee Course and On -Field Experience, take and pass the LOTG Test, pass the Fitness Test, Safety and Compliance completed, three (3) Game assessments, and Game Log History (previous game experience), and must be a minimum of 18 years of age. The Fitness test is a separate course and a separate $30 registration fee.  Game assessments are coordinated with the respective ARA, who also receives the game log, and verifies time in grade. The LOTG Test is included in the online teaching modules. The test is open book.