State Manager of Futsal

Luis Fernando Orellana a former futsal player native from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Orellana played futsal starting at 9 years old and his entire youth futsal career in a school called Rio Nuevo. At the age of 16 in 1994, The Bolivian Evangelical University (UEB) signed him to play in the second division at ACFS (State Futsal League).

For his love of sports Orellana formed his own club “Club Cristo Viene” in 1996 starting in the Youth Division. In 1998, his club entered in the Amateur Futsal Division with the dream to play in the top futsal league in the State (Santa Cruz, Bolivia).  In 2003, after almost 10 years of playing in second and first division he retired. After the first year of playing in his own club in the top division, he migrated to the United States in 2003 with the idea of forming a soccer or futsal school in the USA territory.

It was not until 2005, when he started to coach the “Doral Soccer Academy” in Miami. He worked there for two years and then moved to Naples, Florida in search of his own futsal academy and league to promote the sport of futsal that was unknown in Naples at the time.

In early 2007, he took his first Coaching license, the FYSA E License.  In September 2007, Orellana founded Eagle Soccer Academy in Golden Gate Community Park.  Later in October 2009, he created Eagle of Naples Futsal League (Now called “Naples Futsal”). US Youth Soccer National Youth License.

Thanks to his semiprofessional futsal career Orellana jump to take the US Soccer License C and passed in the 2008 Spring.  His hunger for learning made Orellana take his next level Coach License this time .“During the time he was coaching youth players he took his first Soccer Referee License Grade 8.

In 2011, Orellana became one of the first Futsal Referees in the State of Florida together with a small group of referees (Tony Evola, Sergio Pomajambo, and Miguel Cabrera). Later the same. year he also became a US Soccer Referee Assignor.

He also was certified by Costa Rican Professional futsal league, taking the Level 1 futsal coaching License in 2014.  Continuing his education in 2015, he went to North Caroline to take his US Youth Futsal – Level 3 futsal coaching License with the former coach of The United States Futsal National Team, Keith Tozer.  Being a coach, referee and assignor was not enough for him, so in 2015 he became a Soccer Referee Instructor as well to keep imparting his knowledge and experience with other referees, coaches and players.

In 2017, Orellana was named US Youth Futsal State Director for the Florida State to help the development of the player in the State.

In consultation with the FLSRC Board of Directors, on February 22, 2020 Luis Orellana was appointed as the FLSRC State Manager of Futsal.

Luis Fernando Orellana
5441 27th Avenue SW
Naples, FL 34116
Cell: 239-200-5333