Our History


The history of FL Soccer SRC, Inc. (FLSRC) which began in 1964, is really about the life history of Hall of Fame member Mario H. “Mack” Alarcon and his accomplishments.    In 1963, Mack co-founded the Florida Youth Soccer Association as well as the adult Florida State Soccer Association.  Mack organized Florida’s first state referee program in 1964 originally named Florida State Referees (FSR).   Mack, along with his friends Fred Stauber and Ray Thompson, became the first of three people in the entire southeastern United States to register in 1965 as referees with the United States Soccer Federation.  Mack served as the first State Referee Administrator (SRA) of FSR for several years.   Mack’s long soccer resume is legendary.

There has been many SRA’s over the years.

Mack Alarcon 1964-1970

Dr. Roger Shuler 1978-1983

Fred Usher 1984-1985

Dr. Joseph Meerof 1986-1987

Charles Rodney Kenney 1988-1991

Robert Vomacka 1992-1999

Jack Holland 2000-2001

Jozsef Michna 2002-2015

In November 2015, the then President of Florida Youth Soccer Association, Marino Torrens, and Florida State Soccer Association President. Richard Moeller, changed the organizational composition of the Florida State Referee Committee (FLSRC).  The Florida State Referees, Inc. name was changed to FL Soccer SRC, Inc.  There were eight (8) members created for the Board of Directors of FL Soccer SRC, Inc. The two State Presidents plus one each of their appointees are passive SRC members.  The State Directors of Assessment (SDA), Instruction (SDI), Referee Assignors (SDRA), and the State Referee Administrator/State Youth Referee Administrator (S{Y}RA) are active members of the SRC.

According to US Soccer policy the SRA is appointed by FSSA and the SYRA is appointed by the SRA in consultation with FYSA.  An SRA can also serve as the SYRA which has been the custom in Florida for decades.  On January 1, 2016, Abrom Douglas Jr. was appointed as the first S(Y)RA of the newly constituted FL Soccer SRC, Inc.

Abrom Douglas Jr. 2016-