Hall of Fame



  • OBJECTIVE:  In order to honor and perpetuate the names of individuals who have contributed to the referee program of our State, the Hall of Fame (HOF) is hereby established.
  • DATE ESTABLISHED: May 1, 1994 by Mario “Mack” Alarcon
    1. Contribution to the State of Florida Referee Program must be extended over a minimum combined period of ten (10) years.
    2. The service may or may not be continuous over the years.
    3. Contributions to the program may be any one or combination in the following areas:
      1. Referee
      2. Referee Instructor
      3. Referee Assessor
      4. Referee Administrator
    4. The service must be such that it has left a lasting positive effect and has brought credit not only to him/her self but to FLSRC and the game of soccer.
    5. Individuals who attain FIFA status whether as Referee or Assistant Referee while registered in the State of Florida and meet the minimum ten (10) years criteria shall automatically be considered for the Hall of Fame Award.
    6. Florida registered FIFA Referees or Assistant Referees who are appointed/selected by FIFA to represent Concacaf/U.S. Soccer at the World Cup Finals and/or selected by FIFA to represent Concacaf/U.S. Soccer at the International Olympic Finals shall automatically be selected to the FLSRC Hall of Fame provided they meet the ten (10) year service criteria.
    1. Nominations for the FLSRC Hall of Fame may be made at anytime by anyone using the format shown herein.
    2. All nominations must go through the Area Referee Administrator (ARA) and must contain the substantiating documents to verify qualifications
    3. The ARA will check each nomination for administrative requirements and forward the package directly to the State Referee Administrator (SRA) without undue delay. The ARA may or may not make further recommendations.  The ARA recommendations, if any, may be positive or negative but the package must be sent forward, nevertheless.
    4. Once the SRA has received the nomination, the SRA will further check if all the criteria is met and turn it over to the HOF committee chair for presentation to the committee for acceptance or rejection.
    5. Candidates who fall under the “automatic criteria” will be approved/disapproved by the HOF committee as appropriate.
    6. To be selected, a candidate may not receive more than one negative vote from the voting members of the HOF committee.
    1. State Director of Instruction, Chair
    2. State Director of Assessment
    3. State Director of Assignors
    4. 2 members of the Hall of Fame
    5. 2 ARA’s who are senior in tenure than the other two
  • MEETINGS:  The HOF committee will meet as often as necessary and at the call of the chairperson, but at least once a year. This may be done via video or audio conference.
    1. The award of the HOF shall be at an appropriate ceremony as selected by the HOF committee.
    2. Recipients will be invited at the expense of FLSRC. Invitation will include the recipient and one guest.
    3. No more than 2 individuals may be selected in any given calendar year.


Jan VanDerVigh (1994)

Fred Usher (1995)

Mario “Mack” Alarcon (1995)

Jozsef Michna (1997)

Gunther Charles (1997)

Charles Rodney Kenney (1999)

Sam Homich (2001)

Robert “Bob” Vomacka (2003)

John David (JD) McGee (2010)

Raymond Slowinski (2013)

Edward Guertin (2019)

Michael Mekelburg Sr (2019)

Kermit Quisenberry (2020)

Mark Sean Hurd (2020)

Christina E. Unkel (2021)

Abrom Douglas Jr. (2021)