Men’s FIFA Fitness Test-Additional Opportunity


FLSRC has arranged for an additional opportunity for referees to perform the Mens’ Category 1 Fitness test.  The category 1 test is not required for any US Soccer certification or recertification of Grassroots or Regional Referees in the State of Florida.  The test is however, a prerequisite, for certain referees participating in games possibly assigned by US Soccer and/or the P.R.O.  Saturday September 25th at 800am, an hour before the scheduled Regional Referee recertification fitness run (Women categories 1 & 3), the additional opportunity has been authorized.

Those wishing to participate to perform the test must pay $40 for the opportunity in the OMS system before Friday September 24th, otherwise a $25 late fee will be added (total $65).  Walk-ons on the day of September 25th will be charged a $50 late fee (total $90).  FLSRC uses late fees collected toward free referee kits for new Grassroots Referees.

Anyone who failed their recertification fitness test in July at the REDI recertification, and who wish to try again, must also register in the OMS system with the same fees charged in the previous paragraph.

ALL REFEREES WHO ARE RECERTIFYING FOR 2022 AND THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME for the fitness test:  DO NOT REGISTER AND PAY FOR THIS FITNESS TEST.  Recertification fitness tests are free on the first attempt.  It is included in the recertification fee to attend the recertification course.  Just register and pay for recertification.

The test on September 25th will be at Trinity Prep School in Winter Park (Orlando area), same location as the July REDI test.

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