FLSRC – Dead Lift Effect Partnership Announcement


FL Soccer SRC Inc. and The Deadlift Effect Announce Partnership to Deliver Sports Science, Training and Fitness Development for Florida Soccer Referees 

Today, FL Soccer SRC Inc. (“FLSRC”), the official U.S. Soccer referee committee in the state of Florida, and The Deadlift Effect (“DLE”), a sports science fitness and development program, announce a partnership to provide Florida Soccer Referees with access to affordable training programs and sports science education needed to officiate the modern game of soccer. The DLE strength and conditioning programs can be found on the Scorch app, available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Florida Soccer Referees will now have affordable access to higher-level elite athlete training specifically programmed and periodized to the demands and training soccer referees need in order to pass the FIFA  fitness tests, physical demands required to officiate high-level matches, and assistance to balance their overall health and fitness with personal and professional demands.

“It was logical for FLSRC to partner with The Deadlift Effect in order to assist our soccer referees with the necessary fitness training and tools to be able to balance the demands to become a higher-level soccer official in Florida. We can always ask our soccer officials to be physically ready for the games, but now there is an affordable solution to allow them to train like the athletes they officiate.  The training and tools can also complement our new REDI [Referee Education & Development Initiative] program” said Abrom Douglas Jr., Florida’s State Referee Administrator, and FLSRC’s Chief Operating Officer.

In the modern game, the demand for soccer officials to have a high level of fitness- utilizing explosive movement and agility in order to be in the right position to make a game-critical decision- is greater than it has ever been before.  With the increased expectations from players, coaches, leagues, fans, stakeholders, and media for soccer referees to make correct split-second decisions, the DLE strength and conditioning programs equip soccer referees with the physical and mental strength necessary to be able to accurately apply the laws of the game.

One of the first partnerships of its kind in the nation, the actions by FLSRC to identify and commit to the realities of the modern game and provide sports science and access to affordable fitness and health training for its Referee Education and Development Initiatives (REDI) is critical to the continued growth of its soccer referee program. The evolving perspective to train soccer officials similar to elite athletes is a critical part of any soccer official’s development and FLSRC’s partnership reflects why Florida Soccer Officials have widely been regarded as some of the best officials in the country and why many have reached the pinnacle as a PRO official or FIFA referee.” said Christina Unkel, Co-Founder of the Deadlift Effect, former FIFA Referee, PRO VAR, Laws of the Game analyst for CBS Sports, and FLSRC Hall of Fame Member.

The DLE programs, powered by the Scorch app, will allow soccer officials to complete their weekly training with the realities of everyday life and responsibilities while feeling confident they can rely on the DLE process to achieve their individual athletic goals to perform on the pitch.  Additionally, DLE will provide sports science, fitness, mental conditioning, and health and nutrition training assistance to Florida Soccer Referees in conjunction with FLSRC education and training as part of their responsibilities for the development and oversight of Florida referees, instructors, assessors, and assignors.

With the partnership, Florida Soccer Referees will be able to purchase discounted access to all DLE programs powered by the Scorch app at and receive continued sports science training in support of their goals at various FLSRC training initiatives. For more information, contact Timothy Fouts, FLSRC State Director of Instruction (SDI) at or DLE at Follow DLE’s social media handle @thedeadlifteffect on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and sports science education.


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