Abrom Douglas Jr 2021 Hall of Fame Ceremony


Abrom Douglas Jr was a FLSRC DRA and ARA for over 18 years. With that length of time for service as a volunteer,  he was a lasting positive influence over the referees he served in Area A and now for six years to the referees he serves statewide.  Since his appointment six years ago as the FLSRC State Referee Administrator and Chief Operating Officer for FL Soccer SRC Inc., Abrom’s honest character and strong moral principles has guided him in a way that has literally re-written the imaginary best practices handbook that quite a few state referee committees operated under for many, many years.  The FLSRC has been spoken of nationally and studied as an ideal role model for state referee committees to follow operating under the US Soccer Referee Program directives and US Soccer policy.

As a result of Abrom Douglas Jr’s unselfish, faithful service as a volunteer for over 25 years in the State of Florida as a referee, a referee instructor, a referee assessor, and a referee administrator to 4, 000  and sometimes in the past 5,000, or 6,000 members of the Florida Soccer Referee Program, Abrom Douglas Jr has had a lasting positive effect and brought unselfish credit not only to himself but to FLSRC and the game of soccer.  As chairman of the FLSRC Hall of Fame Committee, I am please to announce that Abrom Douglas Jr was a unanimous choice to be inducted in the FLSRC Hall of Fame for the year 2021.


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