Position Paper on the Wearing of Referee Headsets


US Soccer policy regarding the wearing of Referee Headsets:

The use of technology has been part of the referees tool kit for years. Electronic watches, fitness trackers, electronic beeper flags and electronic communication devices (headsets). Training for using electronic communication devices comes when Grassroot Referees upgrade to Regional Referee. There have been numerous instances in youth and adult competitions where the use of electronic headsets has contributed to an incorrect decision on the field of play.

Grassroot Referees are not permitted to use electronic headsets until they have received their Regional Referee License. If there is a split crew of Regional and Grassroot Referees, headsets are not to be used during a game.

The only exception is if the Competition Authority allows the use of the communication devices during the competition duration.

Ed note: ¬†This policy is in line with the use of “vanishing spray” except for competitions where its use is expressly allowed.

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