2022 Grassroots 1st-Time Referee and Grassroots Re-Certifying Courses Opened


The 2022 Grassroots Referee courses opened at 7:00 PM EDT on July 22, 2021.  The 1st Time Grassroots course has a total of 32 lesson modules and includes virtual field training mechanics videos for a successful transition from the learning computer and keyboard to the field of play holding the assistant referee’s flag.  Anyone over the age of 17  must complete both the Intro to Safety and SafeSport lessons modules in the US Soccer Learning Center, as well as the remaining 30 lessons in the OMS system.  Anyone over the age of 17 also must pay the background fee in the OMS system and submit all necessary information for a successful registration with US Soccer.

The 2022 Grassroots Re-Certifying course is open and the annual background requirement is also completed in the OMS system.  SafeSport and Intro to Safety are both completed in the US Soccer Learning Center.  It is no longer necessary to upload any FYSA background check cards, SafeSport certificates, or any other documentation unless specifically required by the State Referee Administrator (SRA).

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