Grassroots LATE Recertification OPENED January 2nd


LATE GRASSROOTS RECERTIFICATION OPENED JANUARY 2nd – two days sooner than was planned.

This page updated January 2nd 4:00pm EST.

The 2021 Grassroots referee recertification will be offline in the FLSRC OMS system between December 30th and January 3rd 2nd.   Any attempted recertification transactions of registering and paying for 2021 that were not completed prior to December 29th  will not be possible.  Much needed updates and maintenance will occur during the five (5) days the course is unavailable for registering and paying, because the updates cannot be accomplished while the system is live.  Any incomplete lesson modules prior to December 30th are not affected.  The lessons will function as normal.

Grassroots Referee recertification will restart on January 4th with late 2021 recertification and an additional $50 $25 late fee will be added to the normal recertification fee of $75 for a total of $125 $100 registration between January 4th 2nd and March 31st.  Please plan accordingly.

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