National Coach Virtual Training Series (VTS)


National Coach Virtual Training Series (VTS)

For the previous three weeks in September, FLSRC has been hosting a Restart Tuneup Series on Monday evenings through online virtual training on Zoom meetings.  Three National level officials have presented their particular expertise on the Pre-Game, Game Management, and the various changes to The Laws of the Game.  The comments from the feedback we have received have been 99% extremely positive and strong interest has been expressed for additional online virtual training.

We want to announce that once a month beginning in October and through December 2020, FLSRC will host a US Soccer National Referee Coach Virtual Training Series (VTS) online and focus on noticeable trends for needed improvement at all levels of games based on field observations from the past eighteen (18) months.  The training will not be specific to a particular referee grade, however any Grassroots referees who might ever want to consider upgrading to Regional Referee should definitely not miss this monthly training.  There will be something to help everyone involved.  Assessors and instructors are also strongly encouraged to attend.

On the following dates,  Tuesday October (13th), Monday November (9th), & Monday December (14th), one of Florida’s National Coaches will present their Zoom Virtual Training Series session starting at 7:00 PM ET.  Greg Watson will start the series on October 13th with insights into SPA-stopping a promising attack, and DOGSO, denying of a goal scoring opportunity. Incidentally, Greg’s National Coach profile is posted on FLSRC.ORG.  On November 9th, Tim Geis will present Positioning Issues  Tim’s National Coach Profile is also posted on FLSRC.ORG.  On December 14th, the last VTS will be taught by Dennis Engers covering, Careless, Reckless, & Serious foul play challenges.  Click here for Dennis Engers National Coach Profile.

We are excited to make this training available for participation to you from the comfort of your own home or to wherever you might be.  As always, the sessions will be recorded for later viewing for those how cannot attend during the live event.

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