Women’s 2020 Initiative Update 09/15/2020


Due to circumstances regarding social distancing and other Covid related requirements from US Soccer, we have found that lodging and meals at the Bahama Bay Resort is no longer a viable option for the event to be held on the weekend of November 13 – 15.  We have to move the event to the weekend earlier on November 6 – 8.  We also have to move the location from the Lake Myrtle Soccer Complex in Auburndale to the Orlando Hilton/Altamonte Springs which is on the north side of Orlando.  This Hilton Hotel is a very large hotel and meets the necessary requirements.  Field training will be at the Seminole Soccer Complex by Lake Sylvan.

We tried several options to keep the same weekend, but it just was not working out with a venue that would provide the necessary spacing, and also provide the meals and lodging.

Registration is FREE in the FLSRC OMS system.

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