Women’s 2020 Initiative Update 8/11/20


2020 Women’s Florida Referee Initiative
The following email was sent to Florida’s female referees in July 31st.  The purpose of the email was to provide an update to the planned Women’s Referee Initiative in November.
With the COVID-19 pandemic currently upon us, necessary precautions will have to be in place in order to have a successful event.  The Referee Committee has published a Guiding Principles to Safely Return to Play document which is posted in the FLSRC.ORG Library.  For more information visit the following link:
The 2nd Annual Women’s Florida Referee Initiative is [95] days away.  In May we sent the email to SAVE THE DATES of November 13 – 15, 2020.   As a reminder, anyone who is currently 17 years old, must be at least 18 years old by October 13, 2020 (30 days prior) in order to attend.
There are a few young ladies who are currently 17 and have an 18th birthday between now and October 13th.  Some of you have been refereeing throughout your teenage years.  We urge you to consider registering on your 18th birthday and plan to attend.  This training will greatly increase your refereeing abilities.
Just like last year, all meals, lodging, supplies, and uniforms will again, be provided by FLSRC.  The only cost will be the transportation to get to Auburndale.
FREE registration has now opened to sign up and register for the Initiative and quite a number  are already registered.  Thank you.
Registration is in the FLSRC OMS system follow this link: Follow the directions below:
Step 1:  After login, verify your information (if you have not logged in for awhile)
On your home page click “I want to,”
Select “register for clinic or fitness test”
Verify your information (if you have not logged in for awhile)
Answer the legal question

Select official type “Referee”
Registration type select “field/supplemental training”
At the bottom click “submit request”

Step 2:  Reserve the Clinic window will now appear with the Women’s Referee 3 day initiative.
Click the “Reserve Clinic” button
Highlighted in a blue box will be “Enter Clinic Invitation Code then press Reserve Clinic Again”
We have placed an invitation code in order to protect the registrations from male referees attempting to register as what happened last year.  If you wish to register and attend reply to this email requesting the invitation code or send a separate email to requesting the code, and you will receive a prompt reply within one hour.
Once you receive and enter the code the “reserve Clinic” will change to “checkout required” to click the bottom “Continue to next step”
Step 3:  Highlighted in green will be two items with $0.00 charges.  If there are other things there such as re-certification fees and you do not wish to pay for those at the present time, click “Remove item” button(s).  What is left is $0.00 fees
Click the button below in green “Click here to complete requests and pay fees”
You should now be registered for the course.
Just to re-cap:
The exclusive all female event scheduled for November 13-15, 2020 in Auburndale will have an instructional  staff of 6 US Soccer National Referee Coaches led by Florida’s Nami Sato Imaizumi.  Assisting Nami will be:
Rick Eddy (IL), US Soccer Federation Referee Program, Director of Referee Development
Pedro Trejo (IL), US Soccer Federation Referee Program, Manager of Referee Development
Kermit Quisenberry (FL), US Soccer National Referee Coach
Kris Bailey (AL), US Soccer National Referee Coach
Sharon Wheeler (NY), US Soccer National Referee Coach
Jasmine Peralta (FL) US Soccer National Referee & Regional Referee Coach
It had long been a desire of the Florida Soccer Referee Committee (FLSRC) to begin a new female referee initiative to identify, facilitate, and train for future advancement any and all of our Florida female referees who desired to participate.  The 1st initiative last year was a success and this year should be even better.
Hope to see many of you there.
Timothy Fouts
State Director of Instruction (SDI)
FL Soccer SRC, Inc.
FL Soccer SRC Inc. oversees the administration of the United States Soccer Federation Referee Program within the State of Florida. We are responsible for the development of the appropriate procedures and policies for the certification and oversight of Florida referees, instructors, assessors and assignors.

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