Re-Cert & Entry Courses Now Open


The US Soccer new entry Grassroots Referee course with virtual field training opened on July 13th for the 2020-2021 registration year, and with no formal announcement, there were 15 registered the first day.  A young lady with a first name of Madison, was the first graduate.  She will be receiving an official FLSRC embroidered pink Nike polo as a gift for being the first 2021 graduate.  She will also be receiving one of the first of 800 free referee starter kits  from Official Sports.  The kits are available in either male or female cut.

With no announcement, the Grassroots referee recertification course and the entry referee assignors course opened on July 14th.  By the weekend, 60 or so were in the process for completion.  Don’t forget to renew the FYSA background RM, as all cards expired on July 1st.

As of today, all regional referee and assignors courses are open for registration toward recertification, including registration for instructors, assessors, referee coaches, and emeritus referees.  If you are required to attend an in-person regional referee course, carefully read the clinic instructions when you register and pay so as to know what the next steps that will be required for recertification.

All futsal courses are delayed until at least September 15th. (Updated 8-24-2020)

The Regional Referee Upgrade Course (100% online) will open October 1st for those who qualify.  Grassroots recertification must be complete before registering.  The FIFA fitness test is planned for December.

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