FLSRC Guiding Principles to Safely Return to Play


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Revised July 25, 2020


These responsibilities and guidelines have been promulgated by the FL Soccer SRC, Inc. with the intention of adhering to the following guiding principles:

Respect for the autonomy of every match official regarding their personal health concerns. No match official should feel pressured to accept any assignment if they believe that doing so puts themselves at undue risk.

Adherence to all applicable regulations, guidelines or best practices promulgated by federal, state, and local government and health entities, the U.S. Soccer Federation, the FL Soccer SRC, Inc. (in deference to their national governing bodies), and to the requirements or restrictions of the facility/venue at which each game is played. When in conflict, the most restrictive of any of these guidelines must be adhered to. If, for example, a facility/venue imposes a lower cap on the number of spectators than does the state government, then that lower cap must be honored.

Participant awareness of potential exposures to the novel coronavirus or other communicable diseases balanced with confidentiality with regards to the personal health information of any particular individual.

Shared responsibility among all stakeholders for the maintenance of a safe and healthy playing environment.

Acknowledgement of an evolving environment of risk. If you believe that these guidelines do not represent prudent measures to address the risks of COVID19 or other, communicable diseases, please share your concerns with the State Referee Committee by contacting Abrom Douglas, the State Referee Administrator, at abrom 54, or Richard Moeller, President of FL Soccer SRC, Inc. at

Complete responsibilities and guidelines are available in the Library Documents section

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