Women’s Referee Initiative Instructors Announced


Details for the 2nd Annual FLSRC Women’s Referee Initiative have been revealed.  The exclusive all female event scheduled for November 13-15, 2020 in Auburndale will have an instructional  staff of 6 US Soccer National Referee Coaches lead by Florida’s Nami Sato Imaizumi.  Assisting Nami will be:

Rick Eddy (IL), US Soccer Federation Referee Program, Director of Referee Development
Pedro Trejo (IL), US Soccer Federation Referee Program, Manager of Referee Development
Kermit Quisenberry (FL), US Soccer National Referee Coach
Kris Bailey (AL), US Soccer National Referee Coach
Sharon Wheeler (NY), US Soccer National Referee Coach

All meals, lodging, supplies, and uniforms will be provided FREE by FLSRC.  The only cost to those who attend will be the personal transportation to get to Auburndale.
The Florida Soccer Referee Committee (FLSRC) desires to proactively identify, facilitate, and train for future advancement, any and all of our Florida female referees who desire to participate.  FLSRC has both seen and heard that female referees are held back by their assignors, or they are given AR assignments instead of referee assignments.  Sometimes female referees are subjected to abuse and harassment.  Sometimes there are circumstance that female referees do not receive the necessary opportunities to be trained for their specific needs at their experience level.  Sometimes female referees do not realize that the pathway forward to the highest levels of the game is not as difficult as it seems.  Sometimes the desire is present, but the pathway is unknown as how to get “there.”  With the Women’s Referee Initiative, FLSRC hopes to change as much of the previous as possible.
Registration for the 3-day event will open about July 15th, with a course capacity of 75 participants.  Further details will be posted at FLSRC.ORG and on the FLSRC Facebook social media platform.

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