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Mario Alarcon

The Wisdom of Our Founder is a collection of some of the more important teaching notecards of FLSRC Hall of Fame member Mario H. Alarcon, founder of Florida State Referees (FSR), currently known as Fl Soccer SRC, Inc. (FLSRC).  “Mack” was a US Soccer National Assessor and National Instructor for over 25 years and his life history is legendary.

The Preface for the E-Book, written by Kenneth J. Miller, FLSRC’s State Director of Assessment, reads the following:

Imagine you are sitting in a room full of referees and administrators. It may be your first time to see Mario H. “Mack” Alarcon the Lead Instructor or you may have already been in one of his courses to make you a new referee or a much better referee. No overhead projector, no computer, no video just Mack and  3 x 5 index cards or small note paper and if you were lucky, he would have a cricket clicker to enhance the teaching.

The first time I got to see him in the room was at a Youth State Cup Final Four over 35 years ago. His presentation was on “First appearance, what people perceive when you are showing up at the field”.  Every time he would make an observation of the referee he would click the clicker and go to the next slide, picture or video and yet there wasn’t any.  Only your imagination of what he was talking about.

“You are the coach, your team is ready to play and no referee has shown up.  Game time is in 15 minutes CLICK.  In the parking lot a car pulls up and an overweight gentleman, half dressed with a beard gets out of the car CLICK.  Notice the referee socks down around the ankles, wearing flip flops and undershirt that says, Three Blind Mice CLICK.  The gentleman takes his time pulling a bag out of the car and walking to the field CLICK.  What is your first impression of this referee?”

The Wisdom of Our Founder is available in .pdf format for download, or can be read from the FLSRC website Library Historical Documents section.  The E-Pub version will be available later for FREE in Apple Books.

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