Remember When Series Debuts


The events in late Winter and early Spring of 2020 in Florida will be remembered as something that has never happened in our collective lifetimes.  NO GAMES!  Many northern states experience no games routinely until April or May.  Not us.

Official Sports Inc. (OSI) has started a series on their social media accounts with a look back at old photos and challenging us to name those ancient referees who are modeling the old referee uniforms.  Some of our friends are looking through old photos to remember various happy and sometime not so happy times.  Just something to pass the time for having to stay home to stay safe.

To occupy our time, we at the FLSRC have been working on many things behind the scenes such as 2021 recertification, virtual grassroots referee field training events, and looking  back at the thousands of photos and archived videos in the FLSRC media vault.

For the next couple of weeks we are going to produce a group of “back in the day” videos entitled “Remember When Series” just to pass the time until we can get back out on the fields and do what we all enjoy.  The videos will be in the FLSRC Library-Video Resources-FLSRC Media section and will also be posted in our Facebook video section.   Video #2 is below:

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