2010 FLSRC Regionals Video Found


The long lost (misplaced) 2010 Southern Regionals video has been found.

This video is about the FSR delegation sent to the 2010 Southern Regionals in Baton Rouge, LA.  Of the 14 Florida referees that attended, Rubiel, Lance, and Christina later achieved FIFA status.  Jasmine, Tori, Anya, Matt, and Ian later achieved National Referee status. Lance and Tori were selected for the 2010 Youth Nationals. Lance was selected for the tournament’s prestigious Bill Schofield Award, and Lance later became the Manager of Concacaf Referees. Of the most valuable lessons learned that year, Rubiel learned how to be a 4th official.

The preamble to the 2010 video was an episode during the 1989 Tulsa Southern Regional U-19 Boys final with Jozsef Michna as the referee and Timothy Fouts as AR1. Jozsef later achieved FIFA status and was also the Florida SRA for 15 years. Timothy later became the Florida SDI for several years.

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