2021 Recertification Dates Announced


It has been the policy of FLSRC for the last few years to provide as much notice as possible to all FLSRC members of upcoming special events.  This year is no different.

Florida’s SDI, Timothy Fouts, has announced the dates and locations for Regional Referee, Assessor, and Instructor recertification for the 2021 US Soccer registration calendar year.  “We want to provide as much notice as possible to give everyone the opportunity to plan their year and so that they can mark their calendars appropriately because every year we find out that there are always a few people who still fail to attend recertification.”  Fouts went on to say that “no matter what we do, there will always be someone who is too busy to set aside at least one day each year to take care of their recertification requirements.  Six months advanced notice should be plenty of time.”

Online assignor recertification for 2021 will be announced by James Vars, State Director of Assignors at a later date.

The following dates for all assessors and instructors regardless of grade, and for all regional referees are confirmed with their known locations.  For further information please contact you Area Referee Administrator.  This information is also listed in the FLSRC.ORG calendar of events

Area A
October 10, 2020
South Area A

Area B
November 7, 2020
St Johns Country Day
Orange Park

Area C
September 12, 2020
All Saints Academy/Lake Myrtle Sports Marketing Building

Area D
August 8, 2020
Niceville High School

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