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FLSRC is seeking to find the next generation of FIFA Referees, National Referees, Regional Referees, and Grassroots Referees. We are actively looking to expand the list of our top referees to provide more opportunities for all who wish to advance and grow.  Over the years, there have been hundreds of our referees that have travelled all over the country and have been extremely successful representing Florida.  We need and desire to produce more referee success stories.

There are over 5,000 referees registered in the State of Florida.  It is virtually impossible for any of the Committee members to know all 5,000 much less know who and where the best up and coming really are.  We sometimes use word of mouth or attend large tournaments to find big groups of referees gathered.  We sometimes use your assignor to tell us about you.  Sometimes your assignor does not want to tell us about you because they want to keep you doing just their games.  You cannot grow and get better unless you breakaway and “graduate” to a higher level.  Read the story about Florida’s Christina Unkel who is now a FIFA Referee and was selected as the FOX Sports Women’s World Cup rules analyst this summer.  Her assignor Hugo Sorenson, passed her name up the ladder so she could be given the opportunity to “shine,” and she really did.  If you have that desire, you can do it also.

Between now and July 2020, there are a total of nine (9) major referee career opportunities, four (4) outside of Florida and five (5) within Florida. There are also many Regional Event opportunities between now and April 2020.   We want to start now and find you and to provide the opportunity for you to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available in 2020.

Alex, Igor, Savannah

Tell your assignor to send your name to us, or better yet contact us directly:

Contact:  FLSRC Head of Delegations

In Florida 2020

FSSA Florida Classic-January 2020
FYSA Commissioners Cup-April 2020
FYSA Presidents Cup-April 2020
FYSA State Cup-May 2020
FSSA State Cup May 2020

Outside Florida 2020

USASA Region 3 National Cup-June 2020
USYS South Region Presidents Cup-June 2020
USYS South Region Championships-June 2020
USYS South Region ODP Camps-July 2020

Contact:  FLSRC Head of Delegations

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