Women’s Referee Initiative 2019


Natalie Simon is now a National Referee

The 2019 Women’s World Cup was a tremendous success for not only the players, but was a tremendous success for all the Women FIFA Referees who officiated.  Two weeks ago an all female referee crew managed the UEFA Super Cup between Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC, which was viewed on worldwide television.  They were outstanding.

We believe that female referees are sometimes held back by their assignors and given AR assignments instead of the referee slot.  Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that female referees  do not receive the necessary opportunities to be trained for their specific needs at their experience level.  Sometimes female referees do not realize that the pathway forward to the highest levels of the game of soccer may not be as difficult as it seems.  Sometimes the desire is present, but the pathway is unknown as to how to get “there.”

FL Soccer SRC, Inc desires to begin a new female referee initiative to identify, facilitate, and train for future advancement any and all of our Florida female referees who desire to participate. 

Florida’s newest US Soccer National Referee Coach, Nami Imaizumi of Tallahassee and former World Cup FIFA referee, has volunteered to take on this project.   Her BIO can be found on the page:  Nami Imaizumi – National Referee Coach of the Week – Feb 1st.  She will have  additional cooperation and commitments  from other National Referee Coaches and from the US Soccer Referee Program staff.

It is planned that the 1st initiative will take place on the weekend of November 15-17, 2019 at the Lake Myrtle Soccer Complex in Auburndale.  Arrival will be Friday night, the 15th and departure at noon-time Sunday the 17th.

All meals, lodging, supplies, and uniform will be provided by the FLSRC referee committee.  The only cost to the female referee will be the transportation to get to Auburndale.

Nami will follow up with our women with additional information but we wanted to get the announcement out as soon as possible for planning purposes.

Registration for all female referees over the age of 18 years of age, will be FREE in the FLSRC/OMS registration system.

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