Grassroots and Emeritus Referee Recertification is Open


The much anticipated online 2020 recertification course for all Grassroots (formerly referee grades 7, 8, 9), Regional Emeritus (formerly grades 15 state emeritus referees), and National Emeritus Grade 13 is open.

We planned last spring to have recertification to open on or about July 16th, however the US Soccer Referee Program Department did not publish their finalized certification/recertification requirements until July 19th.  Various OMS programming and FLSRC video modules could not be finalized until the final publishing was received from US Soccer.  There is almost five (5) months between now and  the end of the year so this three (3) week delay on our self-imposed timeline is really not of any issue.

There was published confusion between the new GRASSROOTS ENTRY COURSE and the Grassroots Recertification course regarding a mandatory Field Training Event (FTE). GRASSROOTS OR EMERITUS RECERTIFICATION DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY FIELD TRAINING EVENT (FTE).  Some clubs are offering an FTE as a pre-season refresher and this is a good thing and we happily support the clubs, but US Soccer does not require attendance to any FTE for recertification.

A reminder for former Grade 7 referees:  there is not a fitness test that needs to be performed nor any assessments needed.   In-person classroom attendance is no longer necessary and the written test is as always, online after the video training modules.  For further detailed questions, feel free to contact each respective ARA/A-ARA for your location.  The contact information is found on our website in About Us-Area Contacts & Area Map


Timothy Fouts
State Director of Instruction
FL Soccer SRC, Inc.

FL Soccer SRC Inc. oversees the administration of the United States Soccer Federation Referee Program within the State of Florida. We are responsible for the development of the appropriate procedures and policies for the certification and oversight of Florida referees, instructors, assessors and assignors.

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