Referee Requirements for 2020


US Soccer finalized and published the 2020 Referee certification requirements.  As previously announced on FLSRC in April, effective July 1, 2019 all referee grade numbers were eliminated for certification/recertification

Prior referee grades 7,8,9 are now referred to as Grassroots Referees.  Prior referee grades 5 & 6 are now referred to as Regional Referees.

The Referee/AR track previously designated in the State 5 Referee grade no longer exists.  For 2020 the  particular Referee or AR track is not determined until attempting to upgrade from Regional Referee to National Referee with selection determined by US Soccer.

With the 2020 certification requirements, fitness test & evaluation/assessment standards have also changed.  Grassroot Referees do not have any assessment/evaluation  or fitness test requirements.  Regional Referee fitness and assessment/evaluation requirements have changed adding a U19/U18 Youth game evaluation for both upgrade from Grassroots Referee to Regional Referee and Regional Referee recertification.  The youth game requirement became effective on July 19th, and is  effective immediately for 2020 recertification.

For further information regarding the new standards and requirements, read the 2020 referee certification requirements posted in the FLSRC Library Documents section.  This information will also be printed in the 2019-2020 FLSRC Match Officials Handbook, available in August.  If further clarification is needed all referees should only contact their respective ARA’s.

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