Referee Opportunity for the New Youth Game Requirement


On July 19, 2019 US Soccer added a U19/18 youth game recertification evaluation/assessment requirement and a U19/18 youth game evaluation/assessment requirement for a Grassroots Referee to upgrade to Regional Referee.

Many FLSRC Regional referees had previously met their 2020 recertification assessment requirements on all adult games either during the FSSA Florida Classic or FSSA State Cup or other higher level games prior to July 1st.  Now a youth game at the U19/18 level has been added to the requirement for 2020 recertification.

On August 17 & 18, the Florida State Premier League (FSPL) will play at the Premier Sports Complex in Lakewood Ranch approximately SIXTY (60) games at the U19/18 age group.  These games will qualify for the new U19/18 youth game evaluation/assessment requirement for successful recertification at the Regional Referee grade and also each game would qualify for upgrade from the Grassroots Referee grade to Regional Referee grade.

All FYSA (RM) background checks expired June 30th.  Effective July 1st,  new RM must be obtained for any referee opportunity through June 30, 2020, plus a RM certificate is now required for recertification by US Soccer.

Regarding the FSPL event:  The following email was sent with limited distribution by the FSPL assignor, Janessa Gunn, but is now being announced statewide through this FLSRC announcement post:

Hi Referees,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. It is that time again when fall season preparations have begun. With that said on behalf of the FL Youth Soccer Association and FLSRC I would like to cordially invite you to participate in FYSA’s FSPL Weekend.

Please use this link to be accepted into the tournament. 

Please also use this link if you wish to unsubscribe

Click Link Here

Further details will be sent out to those referees whom confirm they are available including further logistics for the weekend, gotsoccer assignments.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.


Janessa Gunn

FYSA State Assignor and AARA Area C

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