2019 Bob Evans Award to Jozsef Michna


On June 6th at the 2019 USASA Region III Regional Tournament, the Bob Evans Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Florida’s former SRA/SYRA, Mr. Jozsef A. Michna.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Evans was one of the founding members of the group establishing the current structure of the US Soccer Federation Referee Program.  Bob was a resident of Dallas, Texas living in Region III of USASA.  Prior to 2016 Region III selected a Referee of the year.  The award was renamed the Bob Evans Lifetime Achievement Award in Bob’s honor following his death in 2016.

The Bob Evans Award is presented to an individual within Region III who reflects a dedication to refereeing. The awardee should have demonstrated high achievement and success as a referee, and also outstanding contributions to the refereeing program in the form of instruction, assessment and/or administration over a sustained period of at least 15 years.  For additional information click HERE.

Jozsef Michna is the 4th recipient of this prestigious award which was given to him in recognition of his many years of service to the referee programs in USASA Region III and for a lifetime of faithful service to the game of soccer.  He is also a 2013 US Soccer Referee Eddie Pearson Award recipient.

Previous Bob Evans Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are:

2016  Timothy Fouts (FL)
2017  Dr. Don Wilbur (SC)
2018  Dr. Edward Bellion (TX)

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