Timothy Geis National Referee Coach of the Week Feb 22nd


Tim Geis’ referee career all occurred within the State of Florida.  He came up through the ranks within all the Florida Soccer Associations. Living in the Miami area, he learned the game which carried him to some of the highest level games in the United States, including the various professional leagues from 1984 until 1995, as well as numerous international friendly games.

Tim started his refereeing career in 1976 as a 16 year old grade 8 referee.  He was promoted to all referee grades between grade 8 and grade 3, and he spent his last three years refereeing as a Grade 3 National Referee.
After retiring as a National Referee, he was invited by US Soccer to become a National Referee Coach in the year 2000, an honor he has maintained to this present day.  In 2017, Tim was selected by the PRO to become a Referee Coach at the professional level working in the PRO Developmental Group of referees located all across the country.
Tim credits his success to his family, wife Doreen,  and daughters Lyndsey and Samantha.   They supported, encouraged, and sacrificed family time in order for him to achieve his goals.
Equally important to Tim was the many mentors he worked with, including one very special key mentor all through his career.  Tim has stated many times that Mr. Jozsef Michna has played a very key roll in his life not only on the field but off the field.  It has previously been said by many other referees around the world that Mr. Michna has been a special mentor to them as well, so Tim is not alone.
Tim provided the following advice.  “My success came from the many people and resources within the State of Florida.  I encourage all official to continue to educate yourself, to reach out to others to learn and to educate others.  Use all the tools you have at your finger tips to achieve your goals in this great game.”

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