Dennis Engers National Referee Coach of the Week Feb 15th


Dennis Engers originally hails from Michigan, graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in Medical Technology specializing in Hematology.  His career moved Bronson Hospital to Pharmaceutical R&D Project Management in drug development. Dennis was involved in soccer in Michigan and PA. Both of his sons played the game at HS and College level; Dennis coached a Top 10 boys’ high school for 7 years receiving his certification as a national coach.

While in Philadelphia, he returned to refereeing due to his international traveling. With encouragement from his sons, he refocused his efforts to become a National Referee. He refereed adult amateur, NCAA and pro games for 15 years. During this time, his two sons became national referees and worked games together for several years. For US Soccer, this was the first time a father and son(s) were active national referees.

After going Emeritus as a National Referee, U.S. Soccer asked Dennis to be a national referee coach. He has enjoyed the interaction with next generation referees who are interested in advancing their level from youth to higher levels. In addition to regular involvement with US Soccer, he is in a select group who assess professional soccer games in MLS, USL, NASL and NWSL. Evaluating the PRO game requires the ability to select relevant game clips and compose both verbal and written feedback to the referee crew. This requires knowledge of technology and the Laws, the ability to write as well as speak with clarity.

Dennis and his wife, Debbie decided on Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island in June 2014 as their retirement locale. Dennis enjoys playing golf together with their friends on getaway trips. They play golf 3-4 times per week.

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