New 2019 Assessment Request Procedure


FLSRC has implemented a new referee assessment request policy starting January 1, 2019.  The new request procedure is to provide a more streamline and efficient way for referees to request and pay to receive their maintenance, upgrade, and developmental type requested assessments.  Any tournament that FLSRC is providing assessment or mentor/coaching opportunities free of charge such as the 2019 Florida Classic, 2019 FSSA State Cup, 2019 FYSA Presidents Cup Round of 16 and Finals, and/or 2019 FYSA State Cup Round of 16 and Finals is not subject to the new procedure policy.

Briefly, all game assessment requests and payment will be performed online in the OMS system through the referee’s member home page.  The assessment must be requested and paid for at a minimum of 7 days before the game date or there is risk of no assessor being available.

A registration for 2020 must be requested for the upcoming year, but no registration fees are required since there are no clinics available until after July 1st.  Registration type is either recertification (for what the assessment will be) or upgrade (for what the assessment will be). All upgrades must have the Upgrade request done in system before the assessment will be allowed and processed by the system.

You must have the Game Date, Game Start Time, and City and Field information (complex name & field number) before you make this request.  Referee Grade must match the assessment request.  You must know your ARA’s name.  They will serve as your District Director of Assessments (DDA).   Their contact information is found in the area contacts and area map page.  Grade 6 to 5 upgrades and all Grade 5’s, your Director of Assessments is the SDA only.

For further details and important information regarding assessor fees, how to pay, game day problems and referee’s responsibilities, carefully read and digest the new procedure.  We think you are going to like it.

2019 Referee Assessment Request

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