Grade 7 Fitness Test Revised


8-6-2019 Referee Grade 7 is no longer recognized by US Soccer and no fitness is applicable

After consultation during the  FL Soccer SRC, Inc. Board of Directors January 26, 2019 quarterly meeting, the Referee Grade 7 fitness test is revised.

The old test was a 10 lap 2 intervals per lap 150 m 50m in 35s, 40s respectively.  It had been thought that with new positioning directives and current FIFA considerations, the old 150m 50m test was out-dated and needed to be changed.  The 4 interval per lap test is closer to a real-game measurement of a referee’s ability.  Also Grade 7 referees wishing to advance to Grade 6 would be familiar with the test for grade 6’s  as it is the same test.

Effective January 26, 2019 the current Referee Grade 7 fitness test is the FIFA Women’s Referee test of 4 intervals per lap 75m, 25m, 17s, 20s respectively for a TOTAL OF 6 LAPS.  Sprint time of 7.0 seconds remains unchanged.

The upcoming fitness test in Tampa on February 23rd will be the 1st opportunity for referees wishing to upgrade to grade 7 to experience the new test.  Any previous grade 7 (downgraded due to fitness only) wishing to try the new standard are free to register for the opportunity.

The Certification/Re-certification requirements for grade 7 referees currently posted in the FLSRC.ORG library do not, as of this announcement date, reflect the new fitness standard but will be revised as soon as possible..  The publishing of this announcement revision supersedes the requirements currently posted in the library as of this date.  The Fitness Test Timeline policy will also be revised but at a later date.


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