2020 Recertification Dates Announced


The 2020 Recertification clinic dates for Referee Grades 6 & 7 were announced last night at the 2nd Annual State Referee Seminar during the 10th Annual FSSA Florida Classic.  Unlike previous years, there will only be a total of 4 opportunities, one in each area.

All Referee Grade 5 recertification will be on one single clinic date. The single Grade 5 clinic will be taught by FIFA Instructor Esse Barharmast, and the exact clinic date will be announced in early spring, depending on Mr. Barharmast busy schedule.

Referee grades 6 & 7 recertification dates are:

August 3:  Area D
September 14:  Area C
October 12:  Area A
November 9:  Area B

Fitness testing will be offered on each of the same dates above as in the past.

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