New Field Training Videos Added to the Library


In July 2011, Brian Hall, former US FIFA Referee and 2002 World Cup Referee-Korea Japan, taught advanced field training to our Florida referees.  The videos that were made of the training were recently re-discovered.  The four (4) field sessions and each group discussion after the session have been edited into a format that can be viewed on most any device.

In August 2015, Peter Prendergast, FIFA Instructor, former FIFA Referee, Jamaica, and 2002 World Cup Referee Korea-Japan taught field training exercises to Florida soccer referees in Sunrise, Florida, USA.  The single video has 4 training exercises, reading play/next phase of play, positioning to see player options and being to the right of the ball, offside judgment, and referee movement.

To view the nine (9) videos, go the library-video resources section and click the tab Advanced Field Training.

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