Complaint Procedure Policy added to the Library


 The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures to report grievances against Match Officials, Administrators, Assignors, Instructions and Assessors for unethical conduct, misuse or abuse of author, conflict of interest of misconduct at a match or away from a match. “Match Officials” includes Referees, Assistant Referees, Fourth Officials or other appointed to assist in officiating a match. 

Conduct of all above individuals, hereinafter referred to as “Officials” is covered under the policies United State Soccer Federation, “The Federation”, FL Soccer SRC Inc.” “FL-SRC”, and the appropriate State Association in whose sanctioned match the alleged incident occurred. 

This policy is published in an effort to minimize on field abuse toward game officials, verbally or otherwise, a provide a forum for grievances involving breaches of the Laws of the Game, “LOTG”, and ethical conduct. It is felt that a written complaint is much more effective than on the field negative activity. 

Complaint Procedure

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