Instructor, Assessor & Referee Grades 5, 6 changes for 2020


The FL Soccer SRC, Inc Board of Directors (BOD) met on July 28, 2018 in Miami.  The Board of Directors consist of the  Florida State Referee Committee members (4) plus representatives from FYSA (2) and FSSA (2) who meet quarterly during the year, as constituted by US Soccer guidelines.

New guidelines for recertification in the 2020 registration year were adopted concerning all referee instructors and assessors.  The guidelines are being announced now as they have a bearing on successful recertification in 2020.

In brief, referee instructor both grade 5 & 7 who are not also certified as an assessor must teach in a minimum of 3 FLSRC Field Training Events (FTE) between July 28, 2018 and June 30, 2019 in order to qualify for recertification in the 2020 registration year.

Traditionally the instructor grade 7 taught in classroom entry grade 8 courses.  The grade 8 course is currently online for the second year and the BOD felt the grade 7 instructor, in order to remain current with the Laws of The Game (LOTG) and modern US Soccer referee training, needed to transition from the classroom to the field as that is the direction US Soccer was transitioning at the national level.  For exact requirements see the revised Instructor certification document in the Library.

New assessor requirements were also adopted by the BOD with minimum requirements similar to the minimum instructor requirements adopted.  For exact requirements see the revised Assessor certification document in the Library.

Additional 2020 referee requirements regarding minimum annual number of games each year were also revised by the BOD and the revised document is also in the library.

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