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Following the continuing success of the FTG in Tampa, starting September 4th and continuing to October 23rd  FLSRC will have a fitness and training group (FTG) in the Orlando area.   The President and Club manager from Greater Osceola United Club (GOU) located by Austin Tindall Soccer Complex 4100 Boggy Creek Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34744) will allow the use one of their fields for referee training purposes.

Sessions will be held every Tuesday from 6:30 -7:30/45 pm, and we are looking forward to training, sharing and providing information regardless of referee grade.  Members of PRO or PRO Developmental group are also encouraged to attend and attendance would be very beneficial to the group of younger referees.

Attendance is FREE. and registration is NOT necessary in the FLSRC OMS system.  The FTG is informal but the referee must be currently registered with FLSRC/USSF and bring their own equipment such as whistle, flags, Y/R card and write on cards/wallet, training gear, running shoes or cleats and hydration beverage of their preference.

Tentative schedule:

Every session will consist of 10-15min. warm up, 30-40 min. fitness, 30-40 min drills and 5-10 min cool down.

Points of emphasis during drills and dates as follow:

Albert Escovar

Sep 4th Appearance * – dynamic pregame

Sep 11th whistle tone

Sep 18th flag mechanics

Sep 25th fouls and card management

Oct 2nd Team work

Oct 9th Penalty area decisions

Oct 16th mass confrontation approach

Oct 23rd Set pieces.

ONLY on Sep 4th participants come to the FTG ready with referee uniform as at a real game. Tips and recommendations of how to look and improve appearance will be a major topic.

Albert Escovar USSF Grade 5 Referee & Referee Assessor will coordinate the weekly training sessions.

Any parents or referees have questions,  email point of contact: 

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